Oct 28, 2011

Sher Khan 3D - Salman Khan

Bollywood Superstar announces a new action movie “Sher Khan 3D”- Salman Khan

salman-khan_1_display.jpgSher Khan, is Home Production of Salman Khan, the Movie is on Adventure of Salman Khan in Jungle. Justin Reportedly Salman Khan Will fight with Real Tigers in the Movie.

Directed by: Sohail Khan
Producer: Sohail Khan Production
Music by: Sajid Wajid
Screenplay by: Kona Venkat
Story: Kona Venkat
Language: Hindi                                     
Releasing date: 20 August 2012, EID

This is First 3D, Superhero Movie of Salman khan, Salman Khan's Adventure in Jungle, Salman will act with real tigers, and he will get training from Thailand from Trainer and Experts.

Sher Khan is a future Hindi movie action adventure set in a jungle. The film will be produced and directed by Sohail Khan. This will be Sohail's 5th collaboration with his brother Salman khan. Salman Khan was confirmed to play the lead role by Sohail Khan but the female lead of the film has to finalized yet, even though there are some rumors that Salman Khan may team up with Angela Jonson. Says a source “Sohail either wants a fresh face or he wants his brother to pair up with Angela.

salman-to-go-3d-in-sher-khan.jpgThis might be a 3D movie, "Only after the final draft of the script is ready we will decide if it has scope for 3D or not", the producer of the movie, Sohail Khan said. Also Bipasha Basu is going to do a sizzling item song in the film. On September 16, 2011 it was announced that Sher Khan has been put on hold for the time being. Instead, Salman Khan and Sohail Khan are expected to start another film, a horror-comedy.

Salman khan has zoom in on a south bilingual hit for his next remake after "Ek tha Tiger". The movie is Raghava Lawrence's 'Kanchana' which tasted success in the Tamil and Telugu BO, especially at the B and C centers. The box office success of Kanchana had prompted Salman to put all his other projects on hold and begin this remake, sources say.

Sohail Khan, Salman’s brother has said that their projected Sher Khan, has been put on hold and instead they will be producing a horror-comedy. Sources close to Raghavendra Lawrence who directed Kanchana said: “Yes Salman Khan will do Kanchana in Hindi and may be in 3D with Sohail Khan directing it based on Lawrence’s script and screenplay.”

'Kanchana' is a supernatural thriller that has many twists to its plot, with two main characters, the protagonist and the spirit. It's not just another gory horror movie but has a strong social message to it which was well-accepted in the south; we'll have to wait to know if the magic will repeat in Hindi as well.

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