Jan 26, 2014

MTV Roadies X1

MTV Roadies is back with a new ripping format in its X-series. ‘No Vote Outs, Only Performance can get you to Win’. This is the mantra of this new season of MTV Hero Roadies X1. India’s top rated youth reality series dons a brand new avatar that salutes those who believe the only thing its worth fighting for is “respect”. And, this season 7 boys and 7 girls fight it out on equal grounds in an ultimate ride to win respect. 

Nov 18, 2013

Method Acting in Film

A look at the best method acting performances ever

5 Positively Uplifting Movies That Will Turn Your Frown Upside Down

5 movies that will leave you with a greater appreciation of life and what it has to offer

Why The Doctor Is Our Favorite Superhero

Though he defeats bad guys and has his own catchphrases, the Doctor isn’t really referred to as a superhero. He’s faced bad guys, has saved the world, and yet we only think of generic comic book characters when we think of the word “superhero.” Here’s 10 reasons not only why the Doctor is one, but also why he’s the best.

Oct 29, 2013

Why Jennifer’s Body is the BEST Worst Movie Ever

Jennifer’s Body, a movie so badly written, so poorly acted and so knee-deep in horror movie clichés that it’s actually one of the best movies you’ll ever see.

Oct 19, 2013

Celebrities as Other Celebrities

Hollywood Halloween parties are usually overrun with bunny ears, lingerie and feathers. But what happens when celebs start getting sick of the usual costumes? They look to their peers for inspiration, of course.

Oct 5, 2013

What our Favorite Mean Girls Taught us About Life

Part 1 of a series that highlights mean girls and what they taught us about life

Sep 19, 2013

Krrish 3

Krrish 3 is an upcoming movie of top Bollywood super hunk hrithik roshan movie. In this movie he play a character of a super hero which is very famous in india also children loved this movie as also youngsters. It is a sequel of last krrish movies. Now wait to see in this sequel what comes with science fiction movie. We also expected more in this movie because audience loves to see hrithik roshan on screen. initial release date november 4, 2013.
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