Nov 2, 2011

300-The Movie(2006)

300MoviePoster3.jpg300-The Movie

300 is an American Fantasy action film 2006, Frank Miller has developed a series of Comics (1998) on the basis of the same name. Battle of Thermopylae is Klaanista. The Film is directed by Zack Snyder while Miller served as executive producer and consultant. It was recorded mainly in the super-imposition technology key chroma, to replicate the original image data in a series of images.
King Leonidas of intrigue around the p√∂√∂rdlauast (Gerard Butler), who leads the Indians 300 "fighting Dios-rey" Persian Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and his more than one million soldiers. When the rages battle, Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) attempts to rally to his wife, Sparta. 

300-original-300x168.jpgThe story is framed by the soldier of the narrative spartalik murranguliste di them (David Wenham). Through their various fantastic creatures, it is to create in the commercialization of the historical fantasy genre 300.
300 was released in both conventional and IMAX theaters in the United States, 9. 2007, DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD on March 31st July 2007. The opening of the film was the highest in history, flag shop, although critics were divided into 24, his appearance and style. Part of the success of the acclaimed than the original and wanted to encourage the effects in the characterization of controversial former ads persialaisten.
300-19.jpgSpartan soldier tell them tells the story of Leonidas, Sparta, from childhood to the throne. A year later Persian Messenger at the gates of Sparta Sparta's king Xerxes came to claim. This response, Leonidas and kick the Prophet is too large. Knowing this, Iran call for the implementation of the authority to attack, Leonidas war blessing by the priests before the Spartan Council former leprosy mounted visited by the ephors. Working digitally prepared by using Persialaisten (the Hot Gates ') war superior Thermopylae funnel between sea and mountains, including persialaisten and rocks in the gorge. Ephors, Oracle, you can go to war because of the religious holiday during the Carnea Sparta, which refer to the sectors. Leonidas, Xerxes (a Spartan Theron) two representatives as a concubine to ships and the ephors money.
onesheet.jpgLeonidas follows his plan, the soldiers only 300 adjustment, who says his guards to prevent that the authorization of the Council, Even if it means sending as some of the victims of suicide, it wished to encourage the Council to unite against Persia. How Thermopyly the Spartans in Arcadia. In the battle of Thermopylae, build walls, containing the advance approaching Persian. As construction continues, Leonidas meets the nightmare, humpbacked Spartan in exile, whose parents fled Sparta to spare some of my father. His father wanted to name, Ephialtes seeking to participate in the war, warns Leonidas secret path the Persians could use to try to attack and surround. Though Leonidas had played the nightmare will to fight, he is doing well, keep a coat of arms: the nightmare would endanger the balance of the Spartans.

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