Nov 21, 2011

Veena Malik in a 3D Horror Movie

Veena Malik Take a Part in a 3D Horror Movie
Veena Malik for secretly shooting 3D horror Film by Kolkata K Jha.

Veena Malik is currently filming the movie 3D horror in unnamed forest South India. The goal is to keep secret for security reasons. But want to reveal his plans for a wine of horror.

"Producer of Telugu Hemant Madhukar from 3d, it is difficult to do the shot. After the first are Shooting in the desert. There is no luxury hotel, luxury.

It is a 3d movie, not this other 3d movies are converted to 2d in 3d format of Hindi. This means that each shot; sometimes it takes a certain period, a 3d shooting. Because the film "thriller" and "fear" element plays a really time consumption. ”
 Pakistani+Actress+Veena+Malik+in+Big+Boss+Season+4.jpg"It is a 3D horror film by film maker Telugu and it's really difficult Hemant Madhukar is notorious for the one we are shooting in the desert. There is no daily to buy luxury hotels is different from the other 3D movies 3D movies in Hindi a 2 dimension that will be converted to 3D, we shot in 3D, which means that each shot spent much time sometimes is really because both ' Thriller ' and ' horror ' Elements in a movie. "

Veena is of course almost every video frame.

Pakistani+Actress+Veena+Malik+in+Big+Boss+Season+4+%25289%2529.jpgIt performs all its cascades on its own in the Madhukar film. "Lot of wirework and flips and somersaults and bruises and cuts." I am he roughing in the jungles here and enjoy every bit of it. ”

Note more relaxing wine happy, this 3D film shoot.

You may be curious about Vikram Bhatt, metafyzično, these singles says: "this is the first Hindi film was actually shot in 3D format. In other cases, the films, such as Ra, one shot in 2d and 3D format. ”

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