Nov 8, 2011

Kim Kardashian Divorce Sparks

kardashian-divorce.jpgKim Kardashian divorce sparks rumors of money doing gem 'Union’

Unlike other celebrities doing some rumors of disloyalty and foreign relations, an announcement file for Kim Kardashian divorce against his wife 72 days, Kris Humphries, seen as a cynical ploy of money.

TV personality judgment 31 years for a divorce file is parsed as a movement calculated since he began a few hours before the mother of books ' Kris Jenner and all things Kardashian ' going on sale.
 kim-kardashian-divorce-270x300.jpgAmidst all the chaos, the Kardashian family encouraged the new clothing store in Twitter, producing tons of evil that she could live to regret as fans, even begin to question the truth behind the money-spinning family soap opera.

"We store KardashianKhaos is open tomorrow at 9: 0 @ TheMirageLV we are so excited. KardashianKhaos arrived "really KardashianKhaos … show," the daily mail prices it tweeting.
What is the truth; he can be no doubt that his 26-year-old basketball player Kardashian family, marriage is a good left as his wife.

Kim-Kardashian-Kris-Humphries-Divorce-Various-Photos-10312011-06-430x543.jpgThe couple a whopping $ 18 million earned during her wedding ceremony, which almost 15 million dollars believed to have been the TV rights, are part of the family of an exclusive agreement with E!, this means that the entire course won a couple of about $ 250,000 per day.

The value of a number of ceremonies apparently happy of magazines with the exception of the $ 1 million to the happy couple bag shooting people magazine covers.
Among other things, the Manhattan was paid 500 000 Euros to host the ultimate performance of the Festival its accounting at Tao in Las Vegas and the basketball player, who won a $ 40,000 dollars per game, has already had very brand millions on a daily basis, due to his marriage in the quarter.

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