Nov 26, 2011

Most Eligible Bachelors of Bollywood

Most Eligible Bachelors of Bollywood

In the middle of Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia extent wedding node messages is Desi young John the confirmation of the fumed air announces the sacrament wedding.

So all your gorgeous ladies are ready, or just select your collection b-town other MEBs.

The commander Desi boy ' John’
john-abraham.jpgJohn and the display and the display were hidden and Bips Paparazzi che (Mystry) interest would have been the Arabian Spice.

Later, when the two separated them, the name of this piece of his co-stars were attached to, more recently, the investment banker and Deepika Marwaha sweet uurnaan elections.

It now appears that this "Desi Boy" had made his mind to celebrate the complete cessation of all these rumours.

Rockstar ' Ranbir rocks
15779-ranbir-kapoor.jpgThe large screen is to look at Jordan aka Janardan also balls rove.

This MOM young superstar was in a relationship with Deepika Padukone, but both later separated their ways.

After his highly acclaimed performance at the rock people have begun to see as the next King of Bollywood.

Stylish Joni "Neil"
neil-nitin-mukesh-123.jpgNeil Nitin, Mukesh really impressed all with his outstanding performance in movies like Johny Gaddar and New York.

If this is to be believed, gossips complexioned milk-white superstar already is special, but that doesn't stop people from one of the B-town MEBs.

Make sure your Beto aka Ranvir Singh’
Only one old item Ranveer Singh a.k.a Bitto Sharma aka Ricky Bahal very large audience made the hearts of his band's capacity, Baja, Baraat.

This made him a strong candidate for these B-City League MEBs.

' Shahid ' Chocolate Boy
This cute boy use to be the lucky charm of Kareena Kapoor but since the time Bebo have dumped him and went away with 'Chote Nawab',he is struggling for a 'Love Resort'.

Oh, aka "Abhay" Lucky!
Abhay Deol aka Lucky was very successful in stealing the attention of the fan from his performances in films such as good luck! Good luck, Hey! Dev D and many others.

This Deol with sensational Preeti Desai, but still seems to be waiting for his girl's dream.

Cool "Kuna"
This comes from the Ministry Rang De Basanti worksheet without feeling and Farhan Akhtar SRKs is missing information on the big screen again with the highly anticipated upcoming joint Don n 2.

This guy cool also collected a big applause for his performance in the Basanti range.

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