Oct 27, 2011

American Pie Reunion Teaser

American Pie Reunion Teaser

The official list for the next American Pie-popular film is exposed and gives a guide to the second (expected), naughty segment. True American Pie-style report confirms many of the legends, such as Department, Healther and Oz and the return of Stifler's mother and nesni┼żovat Paul Finch the obsession with the long term the so-called MILF.

At a meeting of the American Pie comedy united all the characters we knew a little more than a decade ago, East great falls high school Reunion return to the country. 

The distance can break the ties of friendship, to discover that the delayed weekendhas changed and that it should not use this term. 
When small town Michigan to lose his Virginity to four boys on a quest began in 1999. Was in the summer. Years passed, while Kevin married Jim and Michelle and Vicky says goodbye. Oz and Heather rose, but Finch Stifler's mother still yearns. They have now come to these domestic lives as adults, and SOBRAD in mind-and get inspired by the legend, a hormonal teen-comedy launched.

OK, so it was quite obvious, we knew a long time that Finch and Stiflers.mom MOM (the role of the reprised members of the original cast, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jennifer Coolidge, but this is the first time.


It was confirmed that Finch would still fainting on her and probably will do what some of the funniest parts of the film will be the permanent banter between Finch and Stifler is comedy gold.

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