Oct 27, 2011

Kim Kardashian is Pregnant

Kris-Humphries-Kim-Kardashian-268x400.jpgKim Kardashian is Pregnant

Double wedding is currently one of a magazine with regular, because totes pregnant if you think a history of claiming apparently Kris Humphries, carrying the baby Kim Kardashian already cover every week.

"Kim always thought she would have at least one or two children now, so she is definitely a rush," an insider tells OK!. "And Kris loves children and see no reason to wait," adds the pal. "Her friends even take bets on whether it would be a boy or a girl."


Kim-Kardashian-Pregnant.jpgAlthough the Internet bad shit over fake stories this morning. Try to cut more fun anecdote: after the wedding. Ministry of defense for the whole last name of ass Kim Kim will affect water to Humphries.

That's right – Kim Kardashian is closer to the sources are very much … the most famous of them all ", the definitely" filename NBA stars Kris Humphries, where the couple ties knot this summer.
Who is the mother, Kris Jenner told Popeater.com, and sorry "recently–ı don't think his name and who Humphries. Because he worked hard to get where it needs to, Kim Kardashian. "
Kim is, yes, he worked as well, so hard to build a legacy that would be a shame to throw away the whole stupid marriage. Years from now, her descendants could proudly the name Kardashian and reap the fruits of their work. -And this is your great-grandmother, Kelly Kim Kardashian, daughter of the Lady himself, and therefore from the gold recipients as strong; her name was once carved out of the public toilets at the airport, in the name of the entire world to see".

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