Dec 31, 2011

Atif Aslam: when I am performing live,a female fan took off her top in front of me.

Atif Aslam: when I am performing live,a female fan took off her top in front of me.

For someone who can get all the attention he loves with his gravelly voice, thank them looks good and quick wit, often surprising that Atif Aslam keeps a low profile. And, he's going to keep it that way.

The judge actually appear (although so far no ' t keep "reality TV" too), says Atif Aslam, why he likes to stay low key, literally.

Moolah matters not
There is much happening in my life; I do not my problems to analyze things in the public want to add. I would like my time, my mom and dad, to be able to give my family and friends.

Could have a million roles and songs for a few years, but won ' t get this time with my loved ones. This does not work, it means that I don ' t like money. I want everything, but they are not in a hurry to get it.

Gaining followers
Like everyone, I also like the attention I get my fan. If you respect your talent super it but don't like it when they go across the Board. Remember, there was a time when I implementation in Australia when I took the female fan from the top for me. This view is very strange. Then once for my birthday, a group of girls came to my house and asked me to. And it was only in their underwear.

It is not the kind of attention, which I appreciate. But yes, also the fans doing nice things for me with respects and mean a lot. Czech sees himself as an icon. In win me here will be the world's only win.

Improving the future
images1.jpegLife was good for me. When I look back, this year was very special. He brought many surprises-my debut film, BOL, I got the Guns N ' Roses/have become friends with bandmates, visited the odd places like Suriname, Trinidad, Bali, and China.

Other than that, I could identify many of the "distractions" in my life that I need to get away. And I did. So yes, it was a year of highly targeted to my SA, and I look forward to 2012 really is. I plan not to, but Japan and Australia next not as I would love to go back and walk on the beach to Bondi.

And the following year, I hope to also visit some of the concerts, as an ordinary man, and I enjoy it. Oh, and I need to buy me a new computer.

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