Dec 25, 2011

Hottest Celebrity Covered in Magazine 2011

Hottest Celebrity Covered in Magazine 2011

In 2011, some magazines like Maxim and FHM rolled out the most provocative covers ever. But there were some real classy ones too.

Here's a flashback of the hottest covers of 2011, handpicked for you.

1.  Bipasha Basu-Maxim (JAN)
Topless IFD-challenging, but classic
2. Mallika Sherawat –FHM (APR)
Beaded necklace, super short skirt and a red bindi black coated large soil naked Mallika apartment hotel hotness!
3. Katrina Kaif- Vogue (MAY)
The top Black bikini, in the eyes of Kohl, this means the search for a conversion from sweet to Sexy!
4. Yana Gupta-FHM (MAY)
Jana went Topless wearing only Denim short and nasty smile!
5. Jacqueline Fernandez-Maxim (JUNE)
This coverage is not personified seduction tone for killing 2 Jacq.
6. Katrina Kaif-FHM (JUNE)
Ah … Sexiest woman on the planet the cover elements see denim shorts and tank ravishing cache.
7. Anushka Sharma-Maxim (JULY)
Dainty divine-that what Anushka split and deep red lips have transformed her.
8. Neha Dhupia-FHM (JULY)
That’s cooler and stills the hottest avatar of Neha. Make showing Lacy bra black under a white top, separate oversized hair tied up, and Swiss Bank Ki truck specifications? Oh yeah!
9. Deepika Padukone-Maxim (AUG)
Black and Red Hot bikini babe! Fine girl (B)-tree than ever seen before.
10. Kajal Agarwal-FHM (SEPT)
Puppy face and body, a real bomb! Kajal Agarwal sitting warm polka dotted stockings.
11. Priyanka Chopra- Maxim (OCT)
It was the season & amp; Black, we can imagine! Piggy chops in a couple of b & amp; w and belly button!
12. Angela Jonsson-Maxim (NOV)
ANGELA Jonsson seems totally fascinating in bikini black and gray unbuttoned the top.
13. Veena Malik – FHM (DEC)
A nuclear bomb or what? What else is capable of such mass destruction! Hot BOD, warmer wife!
14. Chitrangada Singh-Maxim (DEC)
Black and blue, but hotter than red! Chitrangada, that one, in order to supplement the hot search-beautiful!

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