Jan 3, 2012

Michael Jackson’s Daughter Debut her First Movie

Michael Jackson’s Daughter Debut her First Movie

Michael Jackson legacy continues to live through his children, a daughter, Paris, following his father by taking part in the upcoming film.
13-year-old girl from the "King of pop" will star as a girl alive and brains, the Queen jellyfish in the Pacific Ocean, in the future, "London Bridge and three keys. The film is the first in a series of five films which Jackson O'Mally London, according to people.

daughter.jpg"He wanted to become an actress," said film producer, Stephen Sobisky. "He wants to take his father's legacy and to do something good for the world, and we do.

Sobisky adds that Jackson's father to their right, as she asks the profits from the film and the book version of the story at the school will be donated.

"She is a sweet girl intelligent Sobisky said:" our goal is to ensure that she had a fun time doing something that makes it occupied. We are a group led by the family for me Paris is going to be one of my sons and I will defend my three sons as we want to enjoy this experience.

Date of release of the film is not known yet. Jackson would start filming her part in January, although the filming location and other details were kept under wraps.

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