Jan 17, 2012

Website of the Anti-Kim Kardashian

Website of the Anti-Kim Kardashian Get a call from Kim Kardashian Lawyer!

Kim Kardashian had a Web site at the end of everything BLASTING. under the skin of stars

Kim Kardashian has apparently her high-powered attorneys on the founder of BoycottKim.com, a website which claims that the Kardashians "UN-American" and as "a stain on the family, our culture" and "an embarrassment to our country is sicced."

The founder of the BoycottKim.com contact Attorney General family Kardashian Christopher t. Wilson, who said that hard-boiled Hollywood lawyer Martin singer intends to lodge a complaint against the criminal persecution.
"They try to scare you," laughed, the founder of the web site, the threats of the New York Daily News said. "They don't want bad publicity."

As a "long phone conversation" between the site founder and Wilson, while "expressed consternation lawyer" by the readers of the Web site suggests contact singer, published by their views on the reports to show, were products of the Kardashian supported in Chinese organizations.

Is not "harassment" to anyone who wishes to remain anonymous, said BoycottKim.com, founder, singer argues, but to encourage their personal opinion on their search. "promotion" has been removed from the site after the singer n information name and contact information.

BoycottKim.com has collected more than 512 000 signatures of people who are dealing with only the business relations of the Kardashian clan to associated companies.

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