Feb 16, 2012

Veena Malik start trends nudity

Veena Malik starts trends nude in Pakistan?

Naked Veena Malik Pakistani star photo shoot with the contents of the tattoo on his arm for the release version of FHM magazine India seems to have encouraged many conservatives in his country.
Following color called a girl from Pakistan this week for a magazine Mathira topless with another fashion model Waqas raised path. A star in her own television career began, Mathira hosts a program called love rendezvous for the presentation of indicators for television Pak and gained dishonesty, such as content and the attitude was so slammed by critics.

Other hosting online TV called Baji in her country. Fashion and television host nude photo shoot for fashion magazine, a special Valentine for Pakistan to get to boo shadow brand. Malik wine, however, even as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan requested Paris Hilton.
But Bollywood PR Dale Bhagwagar guru does not see it as a trend initiated by Veena Malik! "Nudity and exposure through the forms of media are not new in this world. It had existed since the middle ages when nudity was not considered as a moral issue and only increase with the new media, "claims."

Before it became popular, controversial FHM shoot in India, where he was invited to the biggest reality show/country or Bigg is one of the clients ' PR/actress Neetu Chandra Dale, dispute boss wines. It also attracted notoriety when she cooed, as well as any other hand customers cootchie-coed Ashmit Patel publicity Show.

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