Feb 27, 2012

Lady in red more interesting human being

Lady in red "more interesting human being."

Red is the color of passion, which makes women who appear to be more attractive to men by sending messages to a sensitive issue as the cocktails they can be sexual advances, argues a new experience. According to scientists at the University of Rochester in New York, men actually prefer Lady of the order because they are less likely to be rejected.
The results of this study may help explain why red is most often associated with love and romance in popular culture. For the study, researchers asked photos male rates of women, formulated with different colored borders - and the same women in red have been consistently classified more attractive.
The men were then shows women wore shirts of different colors and the question of how to address the thinking woman would be romantic and sexual. Question, the second question, "imagine the day with that person and you have in your portfolio of $ 100." How much money spends you on the network? "

The woman in red reaches highest in these two points. The authors of the study, said that the Red answer has probably just biological instinct, instead of simply the social perception of colors. Studies have shown that male primates, humans are drawn to display them red females.

Female baboons and chimpanzees, for example, redden is visible at the approach of Ovulation, sending a clear signal to attract sexual women. The color is still popular on the podium and is regularly Dave events, more attractive women celebrities. "We are seeing this fascinating simply change the color of the shirt of the woman can have a strong influence on the way in which it is perceived by men," the Daily Mail quoted Adam Pazda, psychologist of the University said. Studies have examined the 96 men of the United States and the Austria, it was found that men felt red women responded positively to their advance.

Pazda, said the idea that women wear red clothing when they are interested in sexual encounters appeared on the target and preliminary evidence indicates that what really happens ".".Pragmatic point of view, our results suggest that women should be cautious in the use of Red clothes.

"More generally, the results obtained, including the women against sexual exploitation, is likely to be the Red of major importance, the designers, merchants and advertisers," he added. The authors concluded that "men like to think, to respond as thoughtful, sophisticated women, it appears that at least some of the range of preferences and the preferences, the word, the original.".

Research was published in the journal of experimental social psychology.

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