May 6, 2013

Bollywood Top Paid Actor

Outstanding celebrity haloing them and a huge brigade of fans, following them our Bollywood acting titans are nowhere less than their Hollywood counterpart. And when it's about money then even on that front, these acting icons of our tinsel town are no less than there Hollywood competitors.

Here are several of the top paid Bollywood actors so have a look.

 Salman Khan
The man who rules the league of Bollywood's highest paid actor is none other than one and only Dabangg of Bollywood, Salman who reportedly charges around Rs 60-65 Crores for each film that he does.

Aamir Khan
Just like attraction and charisma even perfection comes at a cost, and while talking about perfection, one name that spontaneously comes to one’s head is that of, Aamir, whose name has become a synonym of perfection. And for putting in his utmost efforts, Aamir charges approx Rs 45 Crore.

Akshay Kumar
Akki is one such acting maestro of Bollywood, who over the years have proved that be it with Khiladi tag, or without it he knows the art of charming the fans. And it's because of this everlasting charm of his that he bags somewhere around Rs 40-45 Crore for doing a movie.

Shah Rukh Khan
It looks like as the time is passing by, popularity of Baadshah of Bollywood is trickling down to the its fag end. But inspite of that SRK is one of the hottest commodities among the movie maker, who still don't mind paying him amount as high as 35 Crore for a movie.

 Hrithik Roshan
Although Krrish 2 is the home production of Hrithik, but even for that this Asia's Sexiest Man has charged Rs 25 Crores.

Ajay Devgan
In this league of highest paid titans, even Singham is not far behind his any other competitor and charges approximately Rs 18 crores for every movie that he does.

Saif Ali Khan
While many may feel that Saiffu Miya don't have many takers, but this notion is entirely wrong. If buzz is to be believed then Chotte Nawab charged Rs 18 crores for Race 2.

John Abraham
Keeping in view the buzz about his much expected movie Shootout at Wadala, it looks like after the release of the movie our handsome hunk, John Abraham is surely going to emerge as a versatile actor of Bollywood. And may be one of the highest paid too. If buzz is to be believed then recently John has signed the Welcome sequel for Rs 15 Crores

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