Sep 24, 2011

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

missionimpossiblesmall.jpgMission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Releasing Date in US: 21 December 2011

After success achieved on the previous episode, Mission Impossible movies are go back with new episodes are titled Ghost Protocol. Although this film has not been released but the Video trailer Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol has been circulated.

video-trailer-mission-impossible-4-ghost-protocol.jpgIndeed, this new film will be released this December but it does not mean that Paramount Pictures can just relax. Long ago and now beginning to be waged promotional trailer for this movie was already released. Yes, the trailer for Mission: Impossible – GHOST Protocol has begun to circulate. The first impression who seeing this trailer? Two thumbs up! When a terrorist bombing destroys the Kremlin, the United States government initiates a black ops "ghost protocol" and disavows the entire Impossible Mission Force. Ethan Hunt and his team are to be blamed for the attack, but are allowed to escape as part of a plan to enable them to operate in the dark, outside of their agency. However, Hunt is warned that if any member of his team is captured during their mission, they will be charged as terrorists planning to incite global nuclear war. Ethan is then forced to work with ex-IMF agent Brandt, who knows more about Hunt and his past than even Hunt himself.

mission-impossible-4-ghost-protocol-movie-photo-01.jpgBrad Bird and J. J. Abrams did not reveal much about the story line of Mission Impossible – GHOST PROTOCOL but from the first trailer was shown that the setting seems to be more in the Soviet Union. Trailer opens with scenes of bomb explosion in the Kremlin. As usual, the IMF agent Ethan Hunt gets an offer to handle this big case.
Almost all the nearly 2.5 minutes, we were treated to live action Tom Cruise and his team who were performing their duties. “Who are you, really, Brandt?” Ethan asked in one scene involving Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner. Scenes of explosions, cars flying and a cover, seen Tom Cruise was jumping from one part of the skyscraper to the other. So what the story is offered the franchise in Mission Impossible 4?

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